Amtrak Police

About this Agency

The Amtrak Police acts as the main law enforcement agency of Amtrak – a government owned, passenger train system that runs throughout the United States. Officers within the Amtrak Police department are responsible for the safety of the trains, stations, and facilities of the Amtrak system. Along with this, they also protect all passengers and employees of Amtrak.

Duties of an Amtrak Police officer include: enforce all local, state, and federal laws; prevent crime; resolve disputes; preserve peace; arrest offenders; and investigate crimes.

At this time, there are 342 sworn officers in the Amtrak Police department. The majority of these officers are stationed in the Northeast Corridor -- which consists of the busiest section of rails.

The Amtrak Police Fraternal Order of Police was established in 1915.

Hiring Process and Eligibility

Minimum qualifications to become an Amtrak Police officer include:

  1. United States citizen.
  2. Age 21 or older.
  3. Posses a valid United States driver’s license.
  4. Posses a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  5. Successful completion of basic training at a state police academy; or have related law enforcement experience.

The selection process used by the Amtrak Police department is as follows:

  1. Written exam.
  2. Oral interview.
  3. Drug testing.
  4. Background investigation.
  5. Medical examination.
  6. Psychological examination.

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