Department of Defense (DoD) Police

About this Agency

The DoD Police is also known as the Department of Defense Police. This is an entirely different force than the Pentagon Police – although they are often times lumped together by outsiders.

The main responsibility of the DoD Police is to enforce laws and provide security on all Department of Defense buildings, regardless of location. In addition to providing service to the Department of Defense, they are also responsible for several branches of the United States Armed Forces, such as the Navy, Army, etc.

Hiring Process and Eligibility

The eligibility requirements to be part of the Department of Defense Police differ based on the agency, branch, and position. That being said, there are some requirements that span across all open positions. One of the main requirements is that each office must pass a medical exam. Vision tests are a sticking point, and candidates must have normal depth perception, color vision, and good overall sight –corrective measures (contacts, glasses) are allowable.

Job candidates must also pass an extensive background check. This must show a clean past, as well as a history that is free of debt and foreign influence. Any prior conviction for domestic violence eliminates the possibility of being hired.

Depending on experience and position, hired candidates may have to attend a Department of Defense Training academy.

Any employee who works in an official police capacity for the Department of Defense or its branches is considered part of the “Department of Defense Police.” That being said, there is no agency that is formally known as the "DoD police."

Contact Information

United States Department of Defense
1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20301-1400